Creating a Set

Got a couple of files you’d like to group together? Simply select your files and drag and drop them onto your Wake grid, open in your browser of choice. Dropping a group of files into the browser will create a Set from your files or folder.

Adding, deleting, and reordering Set items

Adding items to a set couldn’t be easier. Drag and drop files from within a set or add from the file picker. Delete is as simple as one click — hover over the selected item’s thumbnail to reveal the delete button. Want your items to be in a specific order? No sweat! Just drag the selected item’s thumbnail to reposition its order in the set.

Deleting and Ungrouping Sets

You can also delete an entire set if you’d like. Just as with deleting individual posts, simply click on the gear icon in the upper right corner from within the set view. You’ll also see “Ungroup Set” as an option, which allows you to convert items in a set into individual posts.

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