Tags are a great way to organize your posts into a variety of sub-divisions. With a great set of tags, you can easily filter in searches to help find only relevant posts & sets.

You can tag your own posts by using hashtags in their descriptions. This will make them searchable and easy to find later.

For example, maybe you want to see all the ideas that brand team has been working on, or you only want to see final designs in a specific feature the team has been working on, or you want to pull up your best practice designs to show to all your new hires in on-boarding.

Here are a few areas we’ve seen people apply tags to historically:


Ex: You’ve got your brand team and your marketing team. With #brandteam or #marketingteam you can easily sub-divide your posts so that each team could filter for things directly from their team


Ex: You’re working on a new feature and want to make sure you can find all the posts related specifically to it. #featurename


Ex: You want to distinguish posts that are at different levels of completion. By using #ideas, #inprogress, #specs or #final you could easily see all the work at various stages.

Showcase / Best Practices

Ex: You want to have a repository of all the works that are great examples so you implement a #bestpractices tag

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