Getting started with Spaces is simple. Admins and team owners can create Spaces by going into team settings. You can also create Spaces right from the main page.

Once you begin to create a space, you'll want to name it, choose whether you’d like it to be Public or Private and add any members you'd like added to the Space. Public Spaces are visible to everyone on your team while Private Spaces allow you to share with specific teammates.

As you are added to more Spaces, you can easily manage them.  You can follow and unfollow certain Spaces. By unfollowing a Space, we’ll remove it from your 'All' Space. You can also rearrange the order of Spaces on your navigation bar so that the most important Spaces are easily accessible.

When uploading, you simply select the Space you’d like to share to. This is accessible in the Mac uploader dialog and from the web and iOS apps.

You can always move items from one to space to another as needed, too!

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