Spaces are a simple yet powerful way to organize and add context to your work. Team owners and admins can create both Public and Private Spaces which can be used in a variety of ways:

Keep work organized and teams aligned

Brand cohesion is a major challenge for large companies who have many designers working across multiple teams. Spaces gives your teams bucketed areas to collaborate on design work, seek inspiration for new projects, and maintain consistency across all departments. All while providing visibility into what each team is working on.

Get clear about project statuses

Standard project management tools are great for tracking progress, but they’re not tailored for a designer’s visual needs. If your designers want to share early ideas with their team, Wake gives them that opportunity. Spaces gives team members more context into what stage the work is at, allowing everyone to give more productive and contextual feedback.

Keep all your client work together

Spaces are also a great way for agencies to keep all their client work in one place. Teams can focus on the specific needs and visual language for one client without clashing with those of another.

How can my team try Spaces?

We’re really excited to see how you use Spaces to improve your design process. Spaces will initially be available on Wake Pro.

If you’re interested in taking Spaces for a spin, please reach out to us at, we’d love to talk to you!

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