Status labels are a simple way to organize and prioritize design work across your team. Use Statuses to let your team know when you need feedback or when work has been approved by stakeholders. They’re a great way to provide your team with more context so you can get the type of feedback you actually need.

How to add/change a Status Label:

  • Apply a Status Label by selecting the dropdown in the image aboveChange a
  • Status Label by selecting the dropdown in the image above
  • Add a Status Label When uploading with the Mac App

How to Search for a Status Label:

  • Click into the search field on your home page
  • Enter an ! or select Status from the drop down
  • Type out your Status Label or select a Status from the suggested Labels.  

Build search queries to find in-progress explorations, work that still needs feedback, and approved designs.

Adding and Customizing Labels

For teams that need more control, we offer customization options on Wake Enterprise to better match your workflow.

Wake Enterprise team admins have the ability to edit and add up to 5 custom labels in the Team Settings section.

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