Our AppleTV app is built to enhance the way you and your team interact with Wake, allowing you to beautifully showcase the amazing work your team is doing on any monitor throughout the office, or by letting you quickly and efficiently conduct reviews right from Wake. 

The setup process is very simple, and can be done by any team owner or admin with access to the integrations page on Wake. Only available for Wake Enterprise teams.

1. Install the Wake app from the App Store on your AppleTV (Just search “Wake”)

2. Generate an authorization code in the app

3. Enter authorization code into your team’s integration settings (Located at: yourteam.wake.com/settings/integrations)

Now, you're all set! We hope you enjoy, and are looking forward to hearing about how your team utilizes the new display!

* Only available on 4th generation AppleTV models with access to the App Store

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