One of Wake's biggest strengths is it's ease of sharing. By lowering the barrier to share, Wake encourages consistent and frequent feedback from your whole team.

Wake is all about transparency. Which means as designers, we stop solving problems by ourselves and we start embracing the power of critique. We all know that we do our best work when we let somebody else rip it apart and force us to think differently. So why aren’t we doing this all the time?

In addition to descriptions upon upload, Wake also allows you to leave comments on posts. They are the perfect way to leave critique on elements people have posted in a lightweight and non-disruptive way.

You can reply to any comment or annotation simply by clicking the "Reply" link found at the bottom of every comment. This will help keep conversations more organized as the feedback starts to roll in from your teammates. 

Comments can also be anything from mentions (@teammember) to notify someone, tags (#description) to organize your posts for searching, comments or even emoji reactions!

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