Wake is designed for teams.

When getting started inviting your whole design team, followed by the engineers and project managers you work closely with is a great way to get your team involved. The more diverse your Wake team, the more perspectives you’ll have to push ideas farther than they’d otherwise go.

New members will start out as Spectators and can be upgraded to Contributors or Admins after they join.

Start by clicking on the user icon in the top right of the web app, then click 'Invite People’.

When you sign up, you can allow teammates to join using their company email. This makes it easy to invite everyone simultaneously via email or Slack. Just say something like:

Hey everyone, we’re going to try using Wake to share design work. Join our team and share something you’re working on! https://yourcompany.wake.com/join

You can find this option in the “Team Settings” section.

If you'd like to invite new team members on a case by case basis you can. Head to the “Team Members” section where you can manually add users.

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